Fort Wayne Community Schools Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Fort Wayne Community Schools educates all students to high standards enabling them to become productive, responsible citizens.


Fort Wayne Community Schools will be the school system of choice and a source of community pride.

Core Values

We value:

  • Student achievement is the heart of our work.
  • Equity in educational opportunities.
  • The diversity and uniqueness of our district and community.
  • The accountability of the school board, the administration, employees and teaching professionals.
  • Open and honest communication with our community, parents, and students.
  • Partnerships with business, governmental, and community agencies.
  • Our community’s support, sacrifice, and contributions.
  • The ability to change and meet all challenges.
  • Facilities that are clean, safe, and well-maintained.

District Goals

  • Goal I: Achieve and Maintain Academic Excellence
    Eliminate the achievement gap among all groups of students by maximizing the achievement of all.

  • Goal II: Engage Students, Families and the Community
    Involve all stakeholders to support  students’ readiness to learn. 

  • Goal III: Operate effectively with integrity and fiscal responsibility.
    Demonstrate effective and efficient use of taxpayer dollars by using best management practices and systematic long range planning.

  • Goal IV: Attract, Develop, Reward and Retain High-performing Staff
    Employ staffing and career strategies ensuring a diverse and highly functional workforce.